Advertising Trailers For Hire

When companies are planning their marketing budget for the year ahead they often overlook some of the ever growing, quirky ways in which they can get their advert messages across, such as advertising on Billboards driven around or parked up on trailers.

Billboard advertising can be used to market new products or services, to advertise special offers, advertise an up-coming event, for charity purposes, political campaigns, health and safety messages and much much more, the list is literally endless.

Renting a trailer with a billboard is an easy process, they can be hired on their own and parked up or they can be rented with a driver who will drive it around busy locations and also park up where there is a heavy footfall.

The costs vary depending on the type of billboard you hire, wooden or metal, the length of time you wish to rent for and whether or not you require a driver to drive the signage around, but you can hire out a trailer for as little as 50 pounds a week (without a driver) which works out cheaper than advertising in a newspaper.

If you wish to have the trailer driven around by a driver you can request the areas in which they drive around displaying your marketing message, giving you full control.